Electrical, Mechanical, Structural & Civil Drawings For City Building Permits, Utilities,
Oil & Gas, Electrical Vehicles Charging Systems

Tenant Improvements for medical offices, restaurants, warehouses, offices and Base Building drawings for commercial and residential buildings.

Power quality measurements, problems identification and solutions implementation

Power factor, harmonics control and energy consumption improvement.

Solving producers and utilities challenges of harmonics,
transients and switching disturbances

Energy engineering, energy audit and analysis, energy and measurement financing.

Complex electrical problems troubleshooting

Grounding and lightening protection design and installation.

What We Do

Group4Engineering provides a range of electrical, mechanical and structural services directly to developers or a sub-consultant to architects and engineering firms. We provide systems design for new developments and building construction as well as renovations and retrofits. We are a growing company that is quickly being sought after for our expertise in delivery of commercial (Office Buildings, Warehouses, Restaurants, Medical Offices, Townhouses, Street Lighting) and industrial projects.
We deliver value-added consulting services that help move our clients’ projects through the necessary developmental and approval stages. We could coordinate the supply of power from local electrical utilities and undertake all required coordination.
Our staff consists of registered engineers, designers, CAD technicians each with a commitment to outstanding deliverables and excellent customer service.
Our expertise includes the following:


  • Certified Electrical drawing package
  • Letters of Assurance, Site Visits
  • Single Lines and Three Lines schematics for power system
  • Electrical Layouts, Cable Schedules and Cable Tray design
  • Grounding, Surge and Lightening Protection design
  • Electrical Inspections and construction support
  • Energy Savings & Power Management Solutions
  • Building Automation
  • CCTV and Access Control and Fire Systems design
  • Power Factor Correction & Harmonic Filtering
  • Green Power Solutions


  • Certified Mechanical drawing package
  • Letters of Assurance, Site Visits
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC)
  • Building Plumbing Systems i.e.
  • (Storm, Sanitary and Domestic water systems)
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Clean Rooms and Paint Spray Booths Ventilation Systems


  • Certified Structural & Civil drawing package
  • Letters of Assurance, Site Visits
  • Structural analysis and design calculations
  • Building Assessment
  • Seismic upgrades
  • Site Planning and Design
  • Storm water Management
  • Utility Design
  • Storm water Permits