Energy Audit and Analysis

  • Building envelope evaluation
  • Energy and water use investigation
  • Lighting, heating and cooling systems investigation
  • Electrical and mechanical systems efficiency evaluation
  • Energy analysis & energy use simulations
  • Greenhouse gas auditing
  • Power quality measurement and analysis
  • Utility cost monitoring and confirmation
  • Base line determination & analysis
  • Utility expense forecasting
  • Meter reconciliation and tuning contracts

Energy Management Plan and Financing

  • Investment grade energy management business plans
  • Investment financing documentation and negotiations
  • Performance guarantee plans
  • Incentive application management & payment expediting

Energy Engineering

  • Lighting costs and savings analysis
  • Energy efficient lighting design
  • Demand response and load management
  • Energy performance optimization of existing pumps, fans and blowers
  • Energy efficient pumping, fans and blowers designs for new installations
  • Refrigeration systems energy performance optimization
  • Application of variable frequency drives
  • Energy efficient motors selection and system integration
  • Co-generation and combined heat and power design
  • Solar design and application

Energy Management

  • Construction and commissioning management
  • Personnel training
  • Long term building operational planning
  • Maintenance planning and support
  • Continued code compliance planning