Additions & Modifications

  • Drawings for new equipment addition to existing facilities or modifications of existing equipment
  • Equipment specifications and procurement
  • Switchgear, motor control center, stand-by generator, transformer sizing, lightning protection design
  • Cable tray, equipment layout, JB drawings, cable schedules, grounding bonding, heat trace design
  • PLC programming, controls and communications design
  • Project management

Operation Problems Analysis & Solutions


  • If motor ASD is suitable for the application.
  • If the environment is suitable for motor / ASD / cards / controllers operation.
  • If motor / ASD / machine is adequately protected by design.
  • If power quality parameters to or from the equipment are within acceptable limits.

Analysis & Solutions

  • Code analysis, and architectural drawings for construction
  • Renovation and additions
  • Site plan, site servicing, grading and erosion control plan
  • Storm water management report
  • Design development planning including high rise residential, Single families, townhouses, commercial and industrial architecture
  • Interior design and landscape design
  • Submission of plans, drawings and reports to the city

Performance Optimizations

  • Optimizing the energy performance of existing pumps, fans and blowers
  • Energy efficient pumping, fans and blowers designs for new installations
  • Application of variable frequency drives
  • Energy efficient motors selection and system integration
  • Optimizing the energy performance of refrigeration systems
  • Fixing the power quality problems
  • Demand response and load management