Oil & Gas

Well Site Tie-Ins & Facilities

  • Specification and sizing of appropriate equipment including separators, meter skids, in-line heaters, condensate pump skids, methanol injection pumps storage tanks, corrosion inhibitor pumps, storage tanks, PSV, flare knock out drums and flare stacks as needed.

Compressor Stations

  • Centrifugal, reciprocating, rotary screw and vane type compressors for sweet and sour gas applications
  • Gas turbines, natural gas engines, steam turbine and electric drive applications.

Liquid Recovery

  • Liquids recovery from natural gas streams, utilizing refrigeration, hydrocarbon dew point control and liquid recovery plants including propane refrigeration, mixed refrigerant plants, Joule Thompson (J-T) refrigeration, turbo-expanders, de-euthanizers, and de-propanizers and de-botanizer facilities.

Gas Processing Plants

  • Processing and treating facilities design including refrigeration plants, amine sweetening, sulphur recovery, mercury removal, acid gas transportation and disposal, glycol dehydration, mole sieve dehydration, cryogenic processing plants, turbo-expanders, NGL recovery and fractionation.