Utility Challenges

Rapid increase in non-linear load on customer side

Gradual increase in PV participation in the grid

Need to transition from fossil power to green energy and to cope with new energy landscape

Frequent switching of non-linear loads on customer side cause harmonics, high frequency impulses, voltage sags, swells, interruptions and frequency variations at PCC

Annual cost of power quality related wastage will keep on increasing without proper check and balance under the changing energy landscape

All above warrant a need for proactive power quality monitoring and management at PCC

Our Services

Engineering for power quality solutions at PCC. Fewer time consuming and expensive maintenance calls

Remote access, permanent AC/DC monitoring, reporting on demand or automatically through email and web for power quality matrices

Proactive identification of under-performing customer facilities

No more finger pointing between utility and the customer with clear proof of problem origin i.e. satisfaction at both ends

Our services to the utility companies and to their customers pay for themselves in terms of energy savings and fewer maintenance costs